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How to Adopt



If you are interested in adopting a Critter Shack pet, please complete an adoption application below for a dog or cat, respectively.


  1. Download the application,

  2. Save the application on your computer

    1. Save file using the following naming convention:

      1. AdoptionApplication_Dog_NameofDog (ie. AdoptionApplication_Dog_Sasha)

      2. AdoptionApplication_Cat_NameofCat (ie. AdoptionApplication_Cat_Finley)

    2. Complete the application and Save

  3. Email application to

NOTE: If you rent an apartment or home, be sure to have paid any required pet deposits and have permission to have a pet.

You will be contacted by a Critter Shack volunteer within 48 hours.


Thank you for choosing to adopt and saving a life!




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