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Register Your Colony


Registering your colony could save your cats' lives! If an eartipped cat ends up in the city shelter,

we will be able to locate the colony and the caretaker quickly and get him/her out quickly,
avoiding unnecessary stress and prolonged exposure to illness. Because feral cats are territorial,
it is very important to return them to their original colonies. Relocation is problematic and only used
as an absolute last resort.


Your managed colony data are vital as we formulate new grant proposals. We are actively applying
for new grants, specifically for low-cost/free spay/neuter, and other resources such as trap banks and
educational materials. This information will also help us allocate our resources and understand the areas
with the greatest need for assistance in order to best accommodate the TNR community. Gathering this
information will result in significant and highly persuasive data, which is essential to increasing the
chances for success as we continue to apply for grants in support of the San Angelo TNR community.

Help us help you! As few as one or two cats in your backyard count just as much
as a large colony, and can help us get your community cat back home if it trapped
and taken to the shelter. If an ear tipped cat is impounded and not claimed
because we cannot locate the caretaker, he/she will be euthanized which is a waste
of time, money, and resources. 


Please note: You must receive permission of neighbors and/or local businesses in
the location of the colony to be approved. Critter Shack will provide you with
resources to offer to neighbors and local businesses to help with the approval


Please complete the Community Cat Registration Form below. When
completed email to either  or mail to:


Critter Shack Rescue

P.O. Box 192

Wall, TX 76957


Community Cat Registration Form

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